California Redemption and Start The Panic... TOGETHER AT LAST!!


Live videos...old flyers...what more could you want?

Welcome To The Neighborhood
California's greatest locals...ALL on one CD!!

This Time it's for Money

California Redemption's debut release on LTErecords!

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Mixo-De-Punko! VOL. 1  Get a copy of our first international Punk-Rock Compilation Today!




Order a copy from Interpunk HERE, or contact the bands.

  1. Heading South - She Could Say

  2. Heading South - What's Happening?

  3. A Dying Race - Never Enough

  4. A Dying Race - Another Way

  5. All For Nothing - Disposable

  6. All For Nothing - Symptoms May Include

  7. The Singularity - A Cold Day In Hell

  8. Madeline's Demon - Bombs For Peace (MP3)

  9. California Redemption - Concept Of Democracy (MP3)

  10. California Redemption - Armaghetto

  11. Chains Of Freedom - Barcode Babies

  12. Chains Of Freedom - Nowhere

  13. The Mouse and the Moose - Mafia Beating

  14. Product Of Suburbia - Pull The Trigger

  15. Inspect Her Gadget - Rawkstar

  16. Sofa King Addicted - Meter 35

  17. Stupyd Cow - What it Means (MP3)

  18. Stupyd Cow - Make a Difference

  19. Fat For Free - Don't Hear You

  20. Standpoint - Captain Control


Order a copy from Interpunk HERE, or contact the bands.