California Redemption and Start The Panic... TOGETHER AT LAST!!


Live videos...old flyers...what more could you want?

Welcome To The Neighborhood
California's greatest locals...ALL on one CD!!

This Time it's for Money

California Redemption's debut release on LTErecords!

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Mixo-De-Punko! VOL. 1  Get a copy of our first international Punk-Rock Compilation Today!




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  1. Cherokee Nation

  2. Clean Cut American Kid

  3. Fill It Up (MP3)

  4. Fuck With My Head

  5. Greed

  6. Sleepwalking I and II

  7. In Society

  8. Sleepwalking II

  9.  In Society

  10. Oxnard

  11. Book And Its Cover

  12. Hit and Run

  13. Fill It Up

  14. Greed

  15. California Redemption - Laugh It Off **

  16. The Last Priority - Turn The Guns Around **

  17. Held Hostage - Fuck With My Head **

  18. The Voids - Strike Back **

    +VIDEO - Cherokee Nation
    - Clean Cut American Kid (1984)
    - Oxnard
    - Sleepwalking
    - Fill It Up (1984)
    +VIDEO - In Society
    - Book And Its Cover
    - Oxnard (Prunedale)
    - Greed
    - Clean Cut American Kid

    ** Bonus Cover Songs

Order a copy from Interpunk HERE.