California Redemption and Start The Panic... TOGETHER AT LAST!!


Live videos...old flyers...what more could you want?

Welcome To The Neighborhood
California's greatest locals...ALL on one CD!!

This Time it's for Money

California Redemption's debut release on LTErecords!

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Mixo-De-Punko! VOL. 1  Get a copy of our first international Punk-Rock Compilation Today!



California Redemption / Start The Panic SPLIT

California Redemption - Our Way

Start The Panic - 1000 Stitches

CALIFORNIA REDEMPTION!!! START THE PANIC!!! Order yourself a copy today by clicking here.



ILL REPUTE - Fill it up

This album also has 10 live videos and has a flyer gallery with over 50 old flyers!


California Redemption "This Time its for Money"

California Redemption - Equals

California Redemption - People With Guns

California Redemption - Veterans Hall

This album is out NOW!  Order yourself a copy today by clicking hereCalifornia Redemption plays tons of shows, so if you have a chance to see them live...GO!

Mixo-De-Punko Vol. 1 (Preview MP3's)

Madeline's Demon - Bombs for Peace

California Redemption - Concept of Democracy

Stupyd Cow - What It Means

Remember, this is just a preview!  There are a lot more bands, and a lot more songs.  Click here to order yourself a copy today!